Tranh vẽ - Mai Ly k7


 Tin Buồn               Tin Vui

"New arrival" in the family   

 Once upon a time ...

A princess was born
A princess without a crown
With no castle around
But sparkling eyes that shine
Like divine stars at night
The beauty and glory of life


baby 1


baby 2



Corinne, my heart
Corinne, the charm of my life
Corinne, the apple of my eye

Corinne, my great inspiration
Corinne, my deep motivation
The ultimate goal of my actions
My genuine and complete satisfaction




 Little Cutie

BéVy  is so hungry
But Mommy's so busy
A candy or cookie
Will make BéVy happy

Granny will feed BéVy
With beef and spaghetti
BéVy's no more hungry
She plays with her puppy
Then soon she gets sleepy
Sweet dreams, "Little Cutie"



litlt cutie

little cuite

A Wonder Baby

Mommy's proud of BéVy
And so is her Daddy
Granny feels heavenly
About "Little Cutie"
Who learns to speak nicely
And acts like a lady



wonder baby

wonder baby


"L"as love

Love, Love in the air
Love, Love everywhere                
When BéVy is there
The one we all care
There's much joy to share








Bio Poem

My first name is Mai Vy

My favorite color is yellow
As bright as when the sun shows
My favorite animal is the fish
I like to go to the beach
I love to play with water
The waves dance, the wind whispers
My best friend is my Mom
For out of her I've come
She's loving, caring, and funny
But she's strict at times, I can see
When she's not pleased, she usually frowns
Then I'd better stop messing around

Daddy keeps working hard
To help us make a good start
I've been told to be smart
Pretty, friendly, and warm

Granny always takes good care of me
She wants to see me eat and grow healthy
Teaching me the first words for babies
And making sure I articulate everything clearly      
That's how I learn my ABCs

My last name is Hoang





    (hình ảnh: GS Nguyễn Ngọc Hà)

GS Nguyễn Ngọc Hà


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