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Load new article

Copy content of an Excel file

Upload files to server


Insert image

Edit image



1. For new article, fill in Title, category, alias (optional: Joomla will create its own alias if left blank)
2. Make sure status = publish, access = public
3. Fill in user name who creates this article or click Select User to choose a username. Default will be the first person who creates this article.

3bis. Go to Article Options (on right panel just under Publishing Options), set the following items to Hide: Show Title, Show Icons, Show Print Icon, Show Email Icon.
4. Copy and paste text into Article Text area
5. To insert images in Joomla image folder, follow instruction How to Insert An Image into Joomla Article.
6. Change font type to Tahoma, size 3 (12 pts), color black (except in Thơ, use purple for font color and 14 pts for font size).
7. Header in bold, font size 4 (18 pts), color navy blue. Change format to Heading 1 (default Paragraph)
8. Select all text in Text Area (use shortcut Ctrl-A or click icon a in HMTL editor panel), then click Align Full icon (on top). For Thơ go to step 9.
9. For Thơ, select all text then set Alignment Left and click Increase Indent button 5 times.
10. Add "[Trở Lại Trang Trước]" link.

10.1 Toggle editor to go to html code editor.
10.2 Insert the following code at the very end of the article:

<p><a href="javascript:history.go(-1);"> [Trở Lại Trang Trước]</a></p>

11. How to preview article:

11.1 Click the monitor icon (on top panel of the page, by the Search box).

11.2 Choose Site Preview. (preview site might have smaller width than actual site). Go back to Editor to make any correction if needed.

11bis. Save & close article.

Update the following pages by inserting a heading with hypertext linked to the newly created article:

12. Update index page (Mục Lục) (the page that contain headers of all articles in the same category): add a new heading with hypertext linked to the article you've just created.

12.1 Open the index/Mục Lục page
12.2 Position cursor where you want to place a heading 
12.3 Click Article button (at the bottom). A dialogue window will pop up. 
12.4 Search the article and select it. The article’s title will show up as a link. 
12.5 Add author's name and class (khóa 1, 2, ... ) next to the link.
12.6 Add the word “BÀI MỚi!!” next to this link to signify this is a just added article by adding this code (blue part only) next to the link
<p> link description

<span style="font-size: small;"><em><strong><span style="color: #ff0000; text-decoration: blink;"><sup>BÀI MỚI!!</sup></span></strong></em></span>


12.7 Clean up any extra row before or after the item you just create
12.8 Save & close article
12.9 View website to make sure everything looks OK. If not, go back and make adjustment.

13. Update page Tác Giả. Some authors who have more than 5 articles have their own page. Open page Tác Giả or author page and follow the same steps in 12. (except 12.6)

14. Update page Bài Mới Trong Tuần.

14.1 From main menu, select Extensions > Module Manager. Click title Bài Mới Trong Tuần.
14.2 Follow same steps in 12. (except 12.6)



  1. Create a blank word document
  2. Copy contents in Excel file then paste in the newly created word document
  3. Save the new word document as Web Page(*.htm; *.html)
  4. Open the Web Page file in an HTML editor
  5. Select all / copy and paste in the new Joomla article




1. To upload files with size up to 10MB, use Media Manager:

1.1 From the top menu, go to Content > Media Manager. Current directory in Files area (at the bottom) should be shown as /home2/kieumaut/public_html/work_area/images

1.2 Select a folder:

1.2.1 If folder exists, click on it and skip to step 1.3
1.2.2 If folder doesn't exist, create a new folder. In the text box at the bottom (on the right of file directory), enter new folder name. and click on Create Folder button.

1.3 Upload a file: in Upload Files area, click Browse to find a file in your computer, select it and click Open. Upload files text box will show path of the selected file. Click Start Upload.

*Tip 1: Check file directory area to make sure we have selected the right folder before uploading files. Switch between Thumbnail View and Detail View for user's convenience. 
*Tip 2: Users can also upload an image/file while working on an article by click on Image button right below Article Text area. However, users cannot creat new folder using this option.

(Step 2 only for those with access to Bluehost)
2. To upload files with size more than 10MB, use FTP*:

2.1 Open and log on FTP program. Go to directory /work_area/images.
2.2 Select an existing folder or create new folder (click Mkdir)
2.3 Search file(s) in Local system (left side) and select it/them. Use Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click to select multiple files.
2.4 Click on --> button to upload file(s) to remote site.

(*Assuming we are using WS_FTP program)



Click here for step-by-step instructions.



1. Insert image stored in Media Manager's directory
You will need to access/upload image in this directory.

1.1 Position cursor where you want the image in the article.
1.2 Click the icon "Image" below the Text Area in Joomla Article editor. A dialogue window will appear showing Media Manager's directory and its subfolders in server.
1.3 If image has been uploaded, skip to step 1.4. Otherwise, upload image into server (Note: this method is used for images with size less than 10MB. To upload an image with size larger than 10MB, you need to use FTP or load it to Picasa Web server).

1.3.1 In section Upload Files (at the bottom), click the button Choose File and locate the image in your pc, selec it and click Open. 
1.3.2 Click Start Upload.

1.4 Locate the wanted image in Media Manager's directory and select the thumbnail image.
1.5 In the middle section, fill in all information about this image:

1.5.1 Image URL: a path to the image will automatically show in this text field. Make sure the image file name is correct.
1.5.2 Align: choose left (default), right, or center.
1.5.3 Image Description. 
1.5.4 Image Title.
1.5.5 Caption: optional

1.6 Click the Insert File button (top right corner of the dialogue window)
1.7 If you need to make any adjustment on the inserted image, select it and click the Picture icon in the Article editor toolbar.

2. Insert image stored in Picasa Web Gallery server. You will need a url of the embed image from Picasa Web server in order to embed a picture into Joomla article.

2.1 Log on Picasa Web Gallery using gmail username and password.
2.2 If image has already been uploaded, skip to step 2.3. If not, upload and organize images in folder following instructions on Picasa.
2.3 Open Picasa album that contains the wanted image and select the thumnail to view larger image.
2.4 On the right panel, select "Link to this photo". A list of attributes (size, link, embed link, ...) will appear right below. 
2.4 Select size (144px, 288px, 400px, 640px, ... ). Always choose the size equal to or larger than needed image in order to have good resolution.
2.5 Uncheck "Hide album link" if needed.
2.6 Check on "Image only (no link)".
2.7 Copy all text in the box "Embed image".
2.8 Go back to Joomla Article Editor. Click Picture icon in Article editor toolbar to open Insert/Edit Image dialogue window.
2.9 In General section, paste the text of embed link to the Image Url field and fill in the description and title fields.
2.10 Click tab Appearance to change alignment, dimensions, style, ... if needed. 
2.11 (Optional) To set border for an image (as seen in articles Hình Ảnh, Tin tức, ... ), in Style field, paste the following CSS code:

border: 1px solid #666666; padding: 10px 10px 20px 10px;

2.12 Click the Insert button when done.


After inserting an image into Joomla article, you can make some changes if needed.

1. Open the article. Click the image (it will be highlighted if selected).
2. Click Image icon in Editor toolbar to open the Insert/Edit Image window.
3. Make any changes.
4. Click Update button to finish.

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